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There was spoilage for the sake of fixing and destruction for the sake of rebuilding . Their Divine light reascends, while the broken vessel fragments descend.
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After your appointments you take the bus home and continue preparing for the lecture. After carefully driving car to mechanic you continue preparing for the lecture while waiting. That way you make up for the time you lost by taking the bus both ways. This is an expression of the unrestricted Ego.

Matthew Kressel - 36 Days of Judaic Myth: Day 3, The Shattered Vessels

In the Tikun approach you are willing to bend to your own vessels and adapt. At the meeting there are 3 different opinions on how to solve the problem. The Tohu scenario: No one agrees and nothing gets done.

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The pot holes grow and the auto insurance company is wondering why there are so many pothole damages in town. Eventually they stop insuring the local cars. Meanwhile the problem only escalates and the economy only gets worse.

Tikkun in Lurianic Kabbalah

The Tikun scenario. They try to incorporate all views. They all recognize that pot holes cause damage, money loss and turn away tourists. On the other hand, repairing them every year is expensive.

Narvik - Shattering The Vessels

They decide to use cheaper material this year to fill the holes and put aside money to redo 2 miles of road a year with pot hole proof material. About Us. Shabbat Services.

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by Matthew Kressel

Tourist Information. Donate form. But now, there is a general understanding that before the crisis, humanity was advancing in complete opposition to spiritual development. The world was striving toward maximum realization of egoism while a few individuals with a point in the heart Kabbalists rose above egoism and utilized it for the sake of bestowal. Today, both processes are advancing in the same direction because the whole world is now starting to accept that egoism is evil and must be corrected.

Of course they are thinking of correction on their level. Before, there were some who were for egoism, others who were against; now, everyone is against. Everyone is talking of a regulator. Some speak of a regulator at the material level and others of another, a higher kind of regulator.

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