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History of the Chisholms: with genealogies of the principal families of the name. by: Mackenzie, Alexander, Publication date:
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Chisholm was of Scotch descent and was not of Indian blood. Never-the less, he spoke Cherokee and lived with the Cherokees, and went to Washington City in January with his son Thomas Chisholm, the father and son being acknowledged leaders of the Western Cherokees, who at that time were called lower town Cherokees, as they lived lower down on the Tennessee River than the upper town Cherokees.

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Chisholm and Thomas Chisholm, with a large band of Western Cherokees on the invitation of Thomas Jefferson, moved to the country known then as Arkansas territory and were given lands on the Arkansas and White Rivers and later, by the Treaty of , had the title to the Cherokee land in what is now Oklahoma conveyed to them in fee simple, together with an outlet to the west to the head waters of the Arkansas.

The grave is a mile west of Maysville on the south side of the Spavinaw Creek, from which Tulsa now receives its water supply, I am told. The Chisholm place had a grist mill run by the Chisholm spring at the edge of the prairie where the land falls somewhat precipitously toward the creek. Narcissa Chisholm, at the age of about 12, went to Evansville, Indiana, and stayed there a number of years and educated herself as a teacher. She taught vocal and instrumental music.

When grown, she came to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and taught at Mrs. At Fayetteville she was a bridesmaid at the marriage of Wash Mayes, a well known citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Narcissa then went to Jonesboro, east Tennessee, where she taught music and was married to Robert L. Owen in at the house of the chief justice of Tennessee by David Sullins, a noted Methodist minister and missionary.

Narcissa Owen became heir to many Washington relics such as cut glass and china descended through Betty Lewis to her daughter, Otway Anna Carter. Emily Wilson married Napoleon B.

Breedlove, from New Orleans. Robert L. In Robert L. District Court. He emigrated to Glengarry County in Ontario. He lived in Hastings County and according to this Address emigrated in His six sons signed this same Address. He served with the 1st Regiment, Hastings Militia. Abt Married Abt Children 1. Janet Chisholm 2. John James Chisholm 3. James J.

History of the Chisholms : with genealogies of the principal families of the name

Chisholm 4. Angus Chisholm 5. Mary Chisholm 8. Hannah Chisholm 9. Jane "Jennet" Chisholm, b. Colin Duncan Chisholm, b. Mary Chisholm, b. Abt Harriett Chisholm, b. Angus Chisholm, b. Catherine Chisholm, b. Elizabeth Ann Chisholm, b. Elizabeth Chisholm, b. Isabella Margaret Chisholm, b. Alexander Roderick Chisholm, b.

Hannah Chisholm, b.

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The Captain, realizing the potential of the rivers, the Delisle and the Garry, and the viability of sheep farming, decided to build a mill. In , the mill in Alexandria had burned, also the mill on the Delisle River called "Muillean Ur" the new mill , one of the earliest mills in Lochiel. Alexander was MLA for Glengarry from to He was a near relative of the Chisholm Chieftain and was an important witness in establishing the right of James Sutherland Chisholm of Montreal to succeed to the title and estate.

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  4. He died in Alexandria on Oct. The Headstone was erected by Rev. Chisholm, son of Colonel Alexander. DJC has retained the on the Medlam Charts. Duncan Chisholm b. Abt 2. John Chisholm, b. Colonel Alexander Chisholm, b. Roderick Chisholm, b. Abt 6. Eliza Chisholm, b. Archibald Mark Chisholm, b. Theodore Chisholm, b. Abt Family 2 Janet Chisholm, b. Abt , Kerrow, Scotland 4.

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    Abt 5. Duncan emigrated to Canada in He signed the Address to the Chief, which originated in Ontario.

    He named his farm "Achagiad. Duncan emigrated to Glengarry County, Ontario, in He named his farm as Achagiad. The Davoch of Clachan by Ian R.

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    MacKay - 6th November , Page "In Duncan and his brother Allan were removed from their land when the 18 year lease expired. Captain Alexander Chisholm, b. Duncan Chisholm, b. Chisholm in Cornwall, Ontario. Colin "Cailean na Craige" Chisholm, b. John "Iain Ban" Chisholm, b. Jean Chisholm, b. John "Iain Ruadh" Chisholm 2 , b. Archibald Chisholm 1 , b. Alexander Chisholm, b.

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    Abt , Buntait, Scotland 4. Colin was the first Sub-Chief in Knockfin. He made a modest fortune buying cattle from his neighbours, then extended his interests by buying cattle wherever he could find them. By he had amassed enough money to finance, to the extent of 12, merks, his brother Alexander XIX when he succeeded to the Chiefship in